The Basics Of Building Fireproofing

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Every day we see many buildings catch fire, often causing a lot of damage to property and posing various hazards to people. It is not uncommon to hear about an unfortunate loss of life as a result of these fires. Sadly, many people still do not realize just how much important it is to ensure that buildings are safe and that they are constructed to a proper standard. When it comes to dealing with fire, there are quite a few measures you can take to avoid worst-case scenarios.

The first thing to do is to instruct people using the building about the dangers of fire. No matter whether it is your home or workplace, everybody must be well aware that they cannot leave anything that can cause a serious fire unattended. This includes things such as matchboxes and lighters, which should be always kept in a safe place to avoid potential accidents. Cigarettes should also not be smoked inside buildings, since people tend to get careless and throw them away in unexpected places. Generally, an overall awareness will definitely reduce a lot of potential accidents in future.

If you are satisfied with people’s attitude regarding the risks of fires, it is time to consider installing equipment and tools to work with in case a fire breaks out. Fire extinguishers are definitely recommended for large buildings frequented by a lot of people, as well as installing some fire safety cabinets, which can be used to store away fire warden equipment in case of an emergency. Install any kind of smoke alarm or detector to be able to act at the slightest hint of a fire, making it easier to control fire outbursts before they get out of control.

The above installed equipment will work perfectly for quite some time. Unfortunately, most people do forget that even fire safety equipment needs to be maintained once in a while. Extinguishers will have an expiry date; alarms need their batteries to be replaced after some time and spill kit refills are mandatory after using items included in the kit. Make sure to attend to these simple tasks, since you won’t be doing them too often. You can also opt to do some upgrades to your fire safety equipment, such as the installation of fire sprinkler systems and the like to improve your building’s safety even more.

Remember that the above are only some methods to prevent smaller fires. In the case of large fires, it is necessary to call for help and the assistance of professional fire marshals. Never attempt to go inside buildings on fire by yourself: you are not assured to come out alive if you are not well equipped and prepared.