We at Prime Finish understand the struggle that car owners go through in their search to find the perfect car detailing solution for their beloved vehicle. Our clients are often forced to make a choice between a low-quality car detailing solution or one that might offer better quality but is ridiculously overpriced.  Things are a lot different at Prime Finish as our dedicated team strives to provide our valued clients with the most practical car detailing services that do not involve one with paying over the odds for. We believe in retaining and expanding our valued client base through providing great value for money and that is exactly the kind of mentality that has led to Prime finish rapidly becoming one of the most popular car detailing services across all of Australia.

If you are wondering how our dedicated team provides your vehicle with all the right detailing that makes it into a guaranteed show stopper then allow us to briefly walk you through a few of our most popular services:


Detail is perfectly suited for those clients who are seeking a quick fix to the condition of their vehicle without having to invest a lot in order to do so. Such situations are most prevalent when someone has to clean up their car before showing it off to a buyer or before entering into a car show. The process involves a standard cleansing for your vehicle’s interior and exterior along with an a quick yet effective polish to ensure that majority of dirt and swirls have been removed from the vehicle. This adds the benefit of further strengthening the paint job of your vehicle as the service results in enhancing the thickness and gloss of the vehicle’s paint.

If you desire longer lasting detailing without having to once again break your bank in the process then we recommend you try out our Deluxe Detail package for your vehicle. The detailing process involves more comprehensive cleaning for your vehicle throughout its interior and exterior. The vehicle also goes through paint polishing that is designed to offer up to 90% correction of paint job. Once the process is completed, majority of light to medium swirls are effectively removed from the vehicle in question but such detailing also includes ceramic coating that is designed to provide long-term protection towards any paint protection.

If you seek the most premium car detailing solution and can afford to be a bit more flexible with your budget then we recommend that you give our Prime Signature service a try out. This package not only includes deep cleaning throughout the interior and exterior of your vehicle but it also involves a multi-stage paint polishing which has been proven to offer your vehicle with up to 99% paint correction. In order to ensure that such paint correction stays protected for a long period of time, this package includes CQuartz ceramic paint protection which is one of the best performing products available in the market today. If you think that’s all there is to this premium deal then you, or your vehicle to be more specific is in for a treat as we will also throw in CarPro DLUX coating for the wheel face of your vehicle.

So hurry up and book an appointment with us as we provide your beloved vehicle with some of the finest car detailing services that you can find across all of Australia.