Getting Married In Melbourne: Ideas For A Winter Wedding

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May, June and July are the height of the wedding season everywhere in the world thanks to the mild weather that’s stuck between spring and summer. In Australia however, June signals the beginning of the winter season and temperatures hover between 3° to 20°C. Brides may not have the opportunity to be surrounded by leafy greens and summer flowers, but they can still get married in style as long as they make a few adjustments for winter. Here’s how:

Adjust the Theme

These days, the sky is the limit when it comes to wedding themes. There are the more outrageous ones like fan favourites of movies, comic books, books etc. and the more sedate ones like a colour theme or a concept. If your wedding is in winter, then a summer theme is a little contradictory, although there’s nothing to stop you from doing it. The easiest to pull off is the winter wonderland theme with lots of crystals and silver decorations. Not only will the weather compliment the wedding, you will also have to do little in order to get everyone into the mood. Don’t forget to play ‘Winter Wonderland’! 

Be Careful with the Flowers

Winter isn’t the best time for flowers, but if it’s early winter there will leftovers from spring as well as winter flowers like Searles Roses that grow in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Choose your flowers carefully however; the online flower delivery system will probably get you any flower you want, but Baby’s Breath and Daisies are not appropriate winter time flowers. 

Go for the more elegant and romantic flowers like roses, tulips and dahlias. As far as it goes for flower delivery, Melbourne is a hub of transportation, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting the flowers on time. Check this link if your looking for fresh and beautiful flowers for your special occassion.

Pick the Right Dress

This is for the bride/s of the wedding – pick the right gown or you will be regretting it for the entire duration of the wedding. If the entire ceremony is performed in an inside location, temperatures are adjustable and you can wear as skimpy a dress as you like. However, the winter aesthetic usually calls for more fabric; long sleeves, long skirts and long train are all acceptable in a winter wedding. It is also practical because no matter how heated the reception venue is, you will be stepping out into the open at least for a few minutes, and brides don’t customarily wear coats over their dresses. A long-sleeved dress will help ward off the chill till you get inside again.