A Clean Office Is A Healthy Office

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Cleanliness and good hygiene can only mean been clean and free from dirt. Once achieved that state, maintaining that can be hard task without any corporation. Proper maintenance can promote good hygiene and eliminate the spreading of various diseases. Especially crucial in work places, where many people gather at one time. While your office might look pretty and pleasing for the eye, did you think about the practical elements and how it effects the cleanliness of your office? Ever thought about how dirty and worn out your office carpets might be? Sure it may look good, but have you really taken a good look into them?

Unusual germ filled places

Let’s start with the basic need, water. You meet at least one or more employees at the water dispenser in your office. You get caught to the occasional chat with your fellow colleague or sometimes you might not even have the time for chat, instead grab the water and rush back to your seat. However did you know that the buttons contained in the water dispenser are considered as a model for the spread of illness and disease. Everybody in your office premises will use this water coolant at least one time per day and imagine everyone in your office does the same, that’s a lot of pushing of buttons per day. One thing that many office cleaners miss out on is the cleanliness of the water dispenser. Just as the buttons of the water dispenser, the washroom taps also carry numerous amounts of germs and is regarded as a risk in spreading various illnesses.

Statistic has proven that the average office desk used by employees has more than 400 times germs and contamination in comparison to a toilet seat! This is why not only the office cleaners’ employees also need to pay extra attention in cleaning their surroundings. Throw away unwanted papers and clippings, when you do some arranging, you can even find out leftover food wrappers and tissues from weeks back. No matter how busy you may be, take your time to clean your telephone as it contains more than millions of germs per square inch! If you’re still not convinced, did you know that germs can build up and rapidly increase by 30% per day if left unclean.

You may have noticed, all most all of your employees in count would have at least got caught to a minor disease at one point in their work life. Only a minimum amount of employees truly believe that their office premises has been cleaned effectively. All employees need to corporate in order to achieve total cleanliness which will directly affect the quality of the work produced.