In a survey which was conducted, it was said that valuables which were worth over $1.25 billion were stolen due to break-in in the last year. These break-in’s mostly happened in cars. Therefore, you might want to do everything in your power to prevent such a thing from happening to you. If you usually park your vehicle in a place which is isolated, the possibility of your vehicle being targeted is very high. Therefore, you could always make sure that you park your vehicle in a crowded place so that you could prevent it from being easily targeted.

Another common situation which happens most of the time is when you leave your doors unlocked. For instance, you might feel that you could get the purchase done quickly so you might leave your doors unlocked when you go to the shop and this might result in you getting robbed. It’s always good to make sure that you lock your door even if you step outside for a minute and failing to do so can make your vehicle an easy target.If things in-deed go south and a break-in does take place; the first thing which you might want to do is to call an after hours locksmith and get the locks in your car reconfigured.

Thieves usually have a tendency of duplicating the locks. Therefore, by reconfiguring them you could prevent another situation of this nature from taking place for 24 hour locksmith. You also might want to keep your vehicle tidy. You could make sure that your valuables are hidden and that they cannot be seen if a person walks by. Having your valuables in plain site would give the thieves a reason to break-in. Therefore, by hiding them you could make sure that this fleet is avoided.There is a second instance which could take place. It may not necessarily be a break-in but it might be an attempted break-in.

During such cases it’s important to make sure that the locks are changed. You could call a locksmith and get them changed immediately because the chance of it happening again is likely. Once the attempted break-in happens you could analyze why the situation took place and you could do everything in your power to prevent it from happening again. The final thing which you could do is to install an alarm system. The noise might scare away the thieves and this would help you keep them away from your vehicle. All in all, when it comes to preventing robberies you need to make sure that you are careful and you also need to stop being careless.

Agarwood oil or the aloeswood oil, as it is sometimes known as, is the one of the extremely precious natural oils. It is obtained from the species of Agarwood or Aquilaria sp trees. It is found in Bhutan, north eastern India and some parts of south east Asia which includes Cambodia and Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. Agarwood has some medicinal use too. It is also used as aromatic oil and is also used as a valuable part of incense. Several species of Agarwood can be found but the most important ones are A. malaccensis, Aquilaria agollocha and A. crassna. Out of these species, A. malaccensis and A. crassna are endangered and protected while the A. agollocha is found in Assam in abundance.

Agarwood is very popular in Japan and is used in incense. It is also very popular with the Middle East and is used as oil there. The fragrance is a result of the oleoresin process, which happens when fungi infect the trees of Agarwood and it gets its aroma Oud. Oud oil is an important part of aromatherapy and is very popular with natural perfumery. There are many qualities available but the highest quality oil which is pure and is unadulterated is very expensive. A tiny amount can give an extremely strong aroma.

Uses of Agarwood Oil

Oud oil blend has many other uses too. The sought-after aroma is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

• It also has its therapeutic use and is known for its healing properties that can heal a lot of ailments. It is anti rheumatic, anti stress, anti microbial, anti asthmatic, anti oxidant and anti convulsing.

• It also has carminative, tonic, analgesic, diaphoretic, digestive and psychoactive properties. It is used for many physical ailments and is known since ages for its spiritual uses. It is very popular in the Muslim world for this quality.

• Ayurvedic practitioners and religious men have been using Agarwood oil extensively for its emotional and meditation quotient. It is believed to help get rid of negativity.

• Research shows that this oil also has the power to eliminate sexual problems. It is very popular as the aphrodisiac and has the power to enhance libido. It also helps fight premature ejaculation and increase the sperm count in the male body.

• The diuretic properties of the oil promote frequent urination. It also helps increase the urine quantity and thus help detoxify the body and clean it. 

• It also treats a number of digestive problems. It can help relieve gas and build of excess gas through its carminative properties.

• It also very useful for rheumatism and arthritis as it has anti inflammatory and analgesic properties.